An iOS app that enables users to not only post content, but to add interactions to the content that they post. Stacks was envisioned as a way to enable users to create their own apps and own the way that their content is displayed.

This was a rough working prototype. I worked on the ideation, UX, and visual design. I worked with Nate Parrott, who developed and co-designed this app. Created for Computer Utopias 2016.


The user drags and drops behaviors and content onto a card, which becomes the first card in a stack. The cards following it on the stack use it as a template.


A selection of old prototypes and interactions created in the process of creating Stacks

Examples of Uses

A selection of stacks made by users


Typefaces used are Caudex and Anaheim
Designed and coded by me, with extensive help from Stack Overflow

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