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About the Within App

My role: lead designer

In mid 2017, Within's content library was expanding to the point where the linear list that existed in the current app was starting to be unmanageable for users. It was becoming harder for users to find content they watched before and it was also hard for them to find further 360ยบ videos they might enjoy. Content needed to be more discoverable and easier for users to find.

There were additional design asks:

This project can be split up into 3 parts:

The Original Proposal

This original proposal was created as a very broad exploration into many possible features to add to our existing app. The biggest focus was on making sure the app would be easier for users to find content pieces that they might be interested in watching.

The aspects that were added that made the content more discoverable were:

Additional functionality that was proposed included:

These are the wireframes with a very quick visual pass over it for presentation to the C-suite.

4 screenshots from the app Main screens of the app

Different views of the Description page based off of content The description page changes depending on the content (e.g. if it is part of a series, if it has won any awards, if it's been downloaded)

Screenshots of the download manager of the app One flow from the download manager

Understanding Technical Limitations

The original proposal would require a lot more engineering overhead than we were willing to commit to it, so we pared it down to the bare minimum requirements for discoverability--introducing categories to the app and adding search functionality. The only visual changes we ended up making were:

3 screenshots from our current app Main screens from the app

Showing how to display different length titles Showing how to handle and display titles of different lengths

Flow of downloading a piece of content in the app What it looks like when you download a piece of content

Flow of opening a VR experience in the app One possible flow for when someone wants to view a piece of content

First Update: Making Categories More Discoverable

Since the app update added more complex analytics, we were able to see where there were problems in the app. We received data that indicated that there was a significant dropoff when people reached the end of the featured category and there were also very few clicks on the menu. This behavior indicated that users didn't understand that there were categories, and that users didn't know that there were additional pieces that were not displayed in the currently selected category.

We decided to update the app in order to increase the views on all of our various content pieces. However, they needed to be minimal changes because we weren't really looking to allocate lots of resources to it.

Here are a few of the quick mockups made to decide on a direction for the update:

3 explorations into different layouts for the categories label 8 explorations into different layouts for the categories label

This is where we landed with the redesign:

This update has not yet been released.

3 screenshots from our current app