Within Website

About the Within Website

My role: Lead designer

Users who visited Within's website did not come away with a good idea of what the company did. As well as that, they were often frustrated when trying to find 360º videos that we host on our website because they weren't very discoverable. Additionally, we needed our website to better showcase our 360º videos in order to get more content partners.

I worked alongside two other designers for the initial visual design concepts, but designed the UX and created the final visual design alone. I also worked closely with the engineering, product, and content teams to ensure that the final website design met all of the right priorities for each of the different teams.

This project can be split into the following stages:

Evaluation of Old Website

Overall, the old website struggled with problems related to scale, branding, and consistency:

(screenshots are from the Wayback Machine, so are missing some key details from the old design)

The Redesign

Creating the Design System

Once the design was finalized, in order to properly convey it to the engineers, I broke it down into different components and provided styling guidelines for everything. I provided all the different possible states and worked closely with engineering to make sure they had all the information they needed.

Adding Additional Features

For a project that was later cancelled, we had to add very simple user accounts to the website.

Some of the final visuals for user accounts:

Wireframes for parts of the user accounts flow: