I design for the people who are often forgotten. I design for the edge cases. I design to fight for inclusivity in technology.

I believe that we must include diversity as a key building block in the creation of virtual reality spaces.


Who Am I?

I'm a designer, with a focus on VR/AR technologies. I do everything from UX and game design, to old school print graphic design.

I currently work as a VR UI/UX Designer at Vicarious Surgical, working on the future of robotic surgery. I formerly worked as a full time designer at Within, creating AR and VR products such as Wonderscope and Supernatural. I also worked on Lambchild Superstar, which premiered at Tribeca 2019, and designed the exhibition space at Sundance New Frontiers 2018 for Chorus. I graduated from RISD in 2017 with a BFA in Graphic Design.

I was born to journalist parents in Hong Kong, 2 years before the British handover to China. I'm a third culture kid who grew up between Hong Kong and the Philippines, while attending a British international school. I previously lived in Providence, RI, USA, while I was at college. I currently live in Los Angeles, CA, USA with my husband and 3 cats. I am an immigrant, I am trans and gay, I am Filipino, and I am unapologetic.


Affiliated Organizations

I am on the board of the Queer Design Club, acting as the Director for Professional Development. I am on the board of the LA RISD Alumni trying to connect recently graduated students with other artists and designers in the city. I am a member of the IGDA. I was previously head of design at Hack@Brown, Brown University's annual hackathon that's geared towards getting beginners started in tech. I actively try to find spaces that push for representation within tech.


  • Vicarious Surgical | VR UI/UX Designer | 2020 - present
    • Vicarious Surgical single port robot that combines robotic surgery with VR and 3D screen technologies
  • Within | Designer | 2017-2020
    • Wonderscope, an iOS app for kids that uses AR to transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary stories
    • Supernatural, a VR fitness experience that combines the best music, coaches, destinations and movements into an incredible home workout.
    • Within 360º App, extraordinary stories in VR
  • Oculus / Facebook, contractor through PRO Unlimited | Product Designer | 2019
    • Oculus Media Studio, an immersive media management tool for uploading, publishing, and analyzing VR-first content. 



Individual Awards

Project Awards


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