Creative Dump


This is a selection of work that I’ve made as explorations or small projects. There may be some “bigger” work in here that I’ve just been too lazy to write up for realsies.


3D work made for Oculus Media Studio


A test for an effect that I want to put in a VR game that I'm making about the life we live on the computer.

A rotating gif of a posh entryway. You can see a garden scene with plenty of plants and a pond outside the entryway's sliding doors. The garden is only visible through the doors.

Modeled, textured, and composited in Blender


First playblast of a model I made in Maya


The exhibition of Chorus at Sundance 2018. I designed and installed this installation. Everything is made with tape art under a blacklight.


My first WebVR scene using A-Frame and stock 3D models

Playthrough of the WIP game Taco Birb that I was creating with some friends. All art assets were modeled by me.


Designed by me. Made using Semplice and custom code by me. Font used is Aileron by dot colon. Elen síla lúmenn’ omentielvo.