Creative Dump

A collection of random odds and ends that I've worked on

An all-white 3D model that shows a 360 video (indicated by the rotation symbol UI on it) against a background of arrows pointing up, to indicate uploading, and a line graph, depicting data tracking -- all things you can do in Oculus Media Studio
A rotating gif of a posh entryway. You can see a garden scene with plenty of plants and a pond outside the entryway's sliding doors. The garden is only visible through the doors.
A gif flythrough of dark room with multiple cubbies. On the walls are tape art characters from Chorus glowing under blacklight
A quick playthrough with unfinished assets of the game Tacobirb. You can see tacos on tables, intermixed with red people standing around and orange taco trucks
A 360 pan of a laptop with the screen showing a candle
An image of two humans melding together--a stereotypical feminine body in pink and a stereotypically masculine body in blue
a 3d modeled gun rotating in space


Designed by me and built using Semplice and custom code. Fonts used are Iosevka and Combine