Experimental Interfaces

Various explorations of digital interfaces


MY ROLE: UX designer, concepts


A tongue-in-cheek 3dof WebVR exploration into bad interfaces that translate existing design patterns into virtual reality in absurd ways that include:

  • shaking your head to close a pop up-- natural movements used to manipulate UI in an intuitive way
  • stare at a cross to close an advertisement -- forces you to look at the ad and acknowledge it to get it out of the way, another natural movement that's intuitive
  • never ending physical social media streams
  • being physically surrounded by the news
  • a challenge meme that end up forcing you out of VR because of discomfort

ROLE: Designer
TEAM: Nate Parrott, Atty Eleti, Cecelia Bodin, feedback from Computer Utopias class



An app to build apps. Utilizes direct manipulation to allow users to add behaviors and different types of content to cards. The first card determines the rest of the behaviors in the stack. This lets anyone determine what type of information they want to see and what behaviors they want to encourage in the community that surrounds them.

ROLE: Designer
TEAM: Nate Parrott



An exploration in 2017 of figuring out what the future of content looks like. You smash two windows or files together and it generates a new piece of content based on the two files you wanted to merge. Could be interesting to explore with relation to AI -- what type of things can you create when you translate from medium to medium?

ROLE: Designer

Avatar Manipulation

Looking at different ways of being able to change the appearance of an avatar without needing 2D menus. Built using Unity.

ROLE: Designer, Unity Engineer



Designed by me and built using Semplice and custom code. Fonts used are Iosevka and Combine