Lambchild Superstar

In collaboration with OKGO, Lambchild is a VR musical instrument... if all the instruments were run by animals


MY ROLE: informational screen design

The Experience

Lambchild Superstar puts you in the shoes of a lamb making music by instructing other animals to perform tricks. Each instrument is run by a different animal, such as octopi strumming bass guitars, or lemmings jumping on pads to make percussion sounds.

This experience was made in collaboration with OKGO and Oculus. It premiered at Tribeca 2018.


Informational Design

I created all the instructional screens for Lambchild Superstar, creating all the illustrations and figuring out the best way to explain all of the interactions. All of these appear in a little suitcase being held by a little helper bird who flies in front of you when you call up the menu.



One of the instruments that you can play is the Cowossilator. It's a solo machine where you yank the cow's tail to play a solo. The sound that comes out depends on the direction and distance of your pull on its tail.


Singing and Lyrics

Another instrument is the singing and lyrics machine. This machine works by helping you generate some lyrics, allowing you to record your vocals, and then helping your singing talent by allowing you to tweak the pitch and add melodies.



Designed by me and built using Semplice and custom code. Fonts used are Iosevka and Combine