Vicarious Surgical

A surgical robot that uses VR and 3D screen technology to look and move around the patient’s abdomen


MY ROLE: sole UI/UX designer, defined systems requirements and architecture, supervised design intern

Pre-FDA Approval and NDAs

Sorry most of the work I completed at Vicarious is very heavily NDA’d due to not being released or used in live procedures so I'll be illustrating these in a way that will hopefully not give you enough information to steal any company ideas 💖



I created the first set of Unity prototypes to test design ideas that would eventually lead to a patent filing for new ways of controlling a surgical robot inside of a human body


Leading Digital Design

I collaborated with a large cross functional team (software and hardware engineers, human factors, industrial design, clinical, regulatory)to define system requirements for FDA documentation, as well as design all digital components of the system--from VR to 3D screens to 2D displays, as well as leading the UX to determine how they all interacted.



I managed the first design internship, taking on a UI/UX intern who was eventually hired on in a design capacity. I put together the job description, designed a short (1 hr) design challenge, and conducted all interviews.


  • FDA compliance is hard 😢
  • Always listen to the other departments--they’re trying to make your life easier in the long run
  • Regulatory requirements make it hard to iterate as quickly as I’d like to work but they are there to


Designed by me and built using Semplice and custom code. Fonts used are Iosevka and Combine