Supernatural is an immersive, virtual reality fitness experience that combines the best music, coaches, destinations and movements into an incredible home workout. A new workout is released every day.

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  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • Product Design
  • Iconography


Supernatural Ecosystem

There are 2 essential apps to get started working out in Supernatural: the Oculus Quest app and one of two mobile companion apps (iOS or Android).

The Oculus Quest app is where you pick workouts to do and can experience the workout. The mobile companion app is where you keep track of your workout history, connect your various devices together, and interact with other Supernatural users.

There are also lightweight watch apps that allow you to connect your Apple Watch or Android Watch to the app, which allows you to track your heart rate as you exercise.


Supernatural Core Mechanics

The workout in Supernatural definitely pulls reference from other VR rhythm games, but there are a few key differences:

  • Workouts are specifically created to push people physically. Difficulty is not increased solely by increasing targets flying at you quicker, but also in the range of motion that you are required to do to hit everything.
  • Metrics are geared towards pushing people to use more force. Apart from accuracy, we also measure how powerful the hits are—and the threshold for what is considered a power hit changes depending on the player themself.
  • There are a few diffferent mechanics added, such as triangles to encourage people to lunge and squat. There are also special targets that explode into magical effects, which add moments of joy throughout the workout.
  • Trainers guide you through the exercise, including through a warm up and cool down. They're helpful for pushing you through the hardest parts by encouraging you in the bits of the workout that you're struggling in.


Oculus Quest App

The Oculus Quest App is where the actual workout happens.

I worked on the 2D menus that allow users to navigate between workouts and that allow them to see their achievements at the end of a workout. I worked on this all the way from basic research, through the wireframing stage, all the way to helping with the final UI polish and implementation.


Mobile App

The mobile app exists on both iOS and Android.

I took charge of the mobile companion app from the design side for most of the project: I worked from wireframes, simplifying and condensing the design into the most important elements, then led the way to implement the Supernatural visual design system across the entire app.

I also designed all of the iconography included in the app.


Documentation and Design Systems

I was in charge of documenting the design systems used across all apps, as well as documenting our brand guidelines as we developed them through new PR images and social media posts.


Other Initiatives

I have had the privilege of helping to guide this product in many ways. One of the things I tried to include was to make it a welcoming place for as many people as possible. This drew from my own experiences, being disinterested in fitness because it never felt like a comfortable space for me. To this end, I advocated for things like moving our metrics away from being gendered, and instead towards being based on individual progress and capabilities. I also pushed for our social media messaging to be inclusive from the very start.


Designed by me. Made using Semplice and custom code by me. Font used is Aileron by dot colon. Elen síla lúmenn’ omentielvo.