Lambchild Superstar: Making Music in the Menagerie of the Holy Cow


Lambchild Superstar is a 6dof VR experience where you play as a lamb, manipulating fantastical machines run by other animals in order to make music. Lemmings run the drum machine, jumping between platforms to make sounds. Pangolins roll out of a tube, where they hit synth pads. Octopuses play the guitar. The Holy Cow farts out a solo as you pull its tail. Lambchild Superstar premiered at Tribeca 2018. It is a joint production between Within, OK GO, and Oculus.

 I helped create all of the posters and PR imagery. I also made various icons and 2D screens that were used inside of the VR experience itself. 

A promo image for Lambchild Superstar. It depicts the lamb standing proudly while the other animals from the musical menagerie are standing around them. Everything is brightly colored.


  • User Interface Design
  • Iconography
  • Graphic Design


In Experience

Lambchild Superstar puts you in the shoes of a lamb making music by instructing other animals to perform tricks.

An octopus holding 4 guitars, ready to start playing
Lemmings jumping between platforms, landing in a sack of flour. They run back up to the starting point to jump again. Some lemmings can be seen having massages after a long day's work
A parrot flying in the air with the handle of a briefcase in its claws. The briefcase is open, showing a computer screen with an instruction displayed.
An electric eel in a tank. Sparks are flying from its midsection, which causes sound to be played.
The cow is lit up by dramatic lighting from above, making it seem regal. Behind it is a dramatic backdrop.

Informational Screens

 These screens appeared in a screen that a bird was carrying around while following you. They were designed to look like old CRTV screens. I created all the screens and illustrations shown below.


Basic instructions

Instructions that teach you how to use the experience. They are backed up by a narrator who describes all the actions verbally.

A screen lit up neon green depicting the instructions for how to walk in this VR experience
The screen depicts a bipedal lamb waving at a parrot that's flying in the air
The screen depicts two bipedal lambs in jumpsuits high fiving each other
A diagram showing what each button on the Oculus Touch controllers does
This screen shows what each button on the vive controller does



 One of the instruments that you can play is the Cowossilator. It's a solo machine where you yank the cow's tail to play a solo. The sound that comes out depends on the direction and distance of your pull on its tail.



Singing and Lyrics Machine

Another instrument is the singing and lyrics machine. This machine works by helping you generate some lyrics, allowing you to record your vocals, and then helping your singing talent by allowing you to tweak the pitch and add melodies.

A description of the machine, along with an image of it. The machine has songbirds sitting on wires. Their position determines when they sing.
Open up the lyrics generator by pressing a button
Press one of the additional buttons to generate some lyrics from a specific part of the song
The screen depicts a lamb singing into a microphone
5 birds sitting on different horizontal wires, and a hand is moving a bird from one wire to another
A hand with an index finger outstretched, pushing a button labelled 'harmony'
A hand pulling a harmonic bird off the wire.


Designed by me. Made using Semplice and custom code by me. Font used is Aileron by dot colon. Elen síla lúmenn’ omentielvo.